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  • Each photo is printed and checked by myself immediately after ordering.

  • The photo will be professionally packaged and prepared for shipping.

  • The customer receives 5 prints, pot card format, of the chosen photo or - if the format is not suitable - a fragment of the chosen photo (for orders from €500).

  • The photos are shipped via UPS

  • The customer will receive, immediately upon receipt at UPS an email with a tracking code for the shipment.


  • My personal preference is to mount on Dibond (matte) or Diasec (high-gloss or matt).

  • But it is perfectly possible to frame the photo in a frame of your choice.

  • Each photo has a white border around the photo of ±2cm, which makes framing easier.

  • If you would like advice about framing, you can always contact me.

  • If you are looking for a studio where the photo will be mounted for you on, for example, Dibond or Diasec, I will be happy to advise you.


  • Photo is printed by myself with Epson printer on high-quality 'Enhanced Matte Paper', from Epson with Epson inks that guarantee a long shelf life.

  • The chosen process is sustainable. The shelf life depends on the environment where you hang the photo. Sunlight, humidity, room temperature and method of installation are also decisive.

  • For example, a photo that is mounted in Diasec and hung in normal circumstances can retain its color fastness for up to 200 years.

  • Each print has a stamp on the back with the date, edition number and my signature

  • A certificate of authenticity is added to the print.

  • You will also receive a sticker with stamp, date, edition number and my signature that you can stick on the back of the frame or panel on which the photo is mounted.


  • If the photo arrives at the customer damaged, he or she can return the photo.

  • You will receive a return label from me, and all you need to do is drop off the package at  UPS.

  • I will send you a new photo after receiving the damaged photo.

  • All costs of this replacement will be borne by me.



Wout Morael makes inspiring photographs.  

His eccentric vision of the world, displayed in pictures of specific dimensions, gives his works of art a puzzling radiance.


The contemplation of his photographs is an endless experience.
His panoramic photos strike a vivid note and transform dull space into a lively affair.

An unmeasurable force results from the combination of different components - living proof that 1 and 1 are 2, or even more.

This power may appear to you as inspiring, or not.
You are encouraged to keep an open mind on the photograph and its different elements in order to enjoy the same pleasure that Morael felt when creatin g his work.

Once you are tuned in you will realise that the picture was made specially for you and it will start to lead its own life and, slowly, become part of your world.


Restaurant aan het strand

Business Info

+32 475 27 23 22

Morael bv
Ruytenburgstraat, 36 - 2600 Antwerp Belgium

BTW : BE 0474 301 492


T. +32 475 27 23 22  †

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