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Dibond & Diasec



Dibond is a sheet of two aluminum panels (front and back) with a forex (plastic) panel glued between these two panels.

The photo is glued to the panel and a film with UV protection is glued over the photo. The result is a matte photo.

A frame is provided at the back with which you can hold the photo.

Advantages: Dibond is relatively cheap, weighs very little.

Disadvantage: Dibond is vulnerable. You must be careful not to bump the panel against anything. Aluminum is a soft metal.

Diasec ®

Diasec (Plexy) is a Swiss patented process and has many positive properties: high contrast due to high-gloss acrylic and brilliant color rendering. perfect display without air bubbles and dust.

Due to the high UV protection, the photo will not discolour.

The photo will never come off

Photo is perfectly protected against air pollution, mold, flies.

Diasec is maintenance-free

Diasec is best known for its high-gloss acrylic, but is also available in a matte version.


Diasec is a leader within the photographic art sector


Hanging system

With both Dibond and Diasec, a metal frame is glued to the back so that you can easily hang the photo.

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